EITA50 - Signalbehandling i multimedia

Dubulicious 2024-03-22
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Learning Outcomes

"This course is a review of previous courses."
Understand systems and signals, do analysis, make judgments and implement things in code.

Important Course Activities

How to pass the course:

  • 3 laboratory assignments (pass/fail)
  • 2 home assignments (optional, gives bonus points on exam)
  • Exam May 31st at 14:00


  • Reading guidelines are on canvas
  • Additional material on canvas:
    • Formula collection
    • MATLAB guides
    • exercise problems
  • lab resources
    • lab instructions
    • MATLAB scripts
  • old exams with solutions

Textbook chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. Discrete-time signals and systems
  3. The z-transform and its application of the analysis of LTI systems
  4. Frequency analysis of signals and systems
  5. Frequency domain analysis of LTI
  6. Sampling and reconstruction
  7. The DFT: its properties and applications
  8. -[skip]-
  9. Implementation of discrete-time systems

Exam details

Allowed tools

  • Collection formulas
  • pocket calculator


Exam is 5.0p (+1.0p from home assignments)

  • 0.0-2.9p: Fail
  • 3.0-3.9p: 3
  • 4.0-4.9p: 4
  • 5.0-6.0p: 5

Guest lectures will be included in the exam! ūüė¨

Important math

  • Complex numbers (magnitude, angle/phase, polar form, Euler's identity)
  • Partial fraction expansion (partialbr√•ksuppdelning)
  • Finite geometric sum
  • Infinite geometric sum
  • Trigonometric relations